Professional Learning Systems, founded in 1989, provides custom training, coaching, and consulting services to organizations around the globe.

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Our goal is to provide our business partner with a solution that
will improve individual performance  and produce bottom-line results. We won’t ask for your business unless we can help improve it.  Period.



Why we are different . . .


The first distinction you will notice about Professional Learning Systems’ consultant is that he or she won’t try to sell you training programs during your initial meeting. Instead he will use that important time to gain a complete knowledge of your business. Then he will put his skills to work for you. Your consultant will evaluate the information you shared to help solve your business problems. He will utilize a bank of knowledge and expertise that is unsurpassed in its ability to achieve results with intelligent answers to your business problems.

Your consultant is there for only one purpose – to help you. You will sense it in everything he or she does. And you will believe it when he or she may occasion- ally turn down your dollars because we know that something won’t produce results for your company. Professional Learning Systems goes beyond trying to sell you training programs. Your consultant works hard to help you build your business. We realize that as your business grows, we both get the benefits of a successful partnership.


How we do it . . .


Professional Learning SystemsYour consultant will work with you to complete a comprehensive client needs analysis. Together you will identify problems and goals. Your consultant will then utilize Professional Learning Systems’ strategic planning process to tailor a strategy for your business. This assures that the most appropriate solution meets your specific needs, requirements, and business environment.

You will also talk about what happens after the training. We know that improving performance requires more than just a one-shot training experience. Increased performance requires a quality training experience, follow-up, management reinforcement, measurement, and recognition. The word “systems” is part of our name. To assure success, he may employ team strategy meetings, management input, brainstorming sessions, or research to develop the most effective solution for your company. Only after a specific plan has been developed, will your consultant ask you for your commitment to the plan.

As a result of this process you will be sure than your training is on target. It will be the right training for the right people at the right time.
All of our work is custom designed. We can deliver more effective and more targeted training for about the same cost as leading off-the-shelf programs. Your trainees won’t have to struggle to try to apply the course concepts to their situation. Materials and exercises can reflect your company situation.

Custom-developed training also increases retention and application of the program’s skills. Student can easily apply the concepts and develop more comfort in the classroom.

After you have agreed to a plan, your consultant will be with you throughout your project. Your consultant is the project manager and the trainer who will work with your people. You won’t need to pick up a stranger at the airport for your program development or seminars. Your consultant knows your business.

After your program, your consultant will work with you on additional follow-up activities and measurement. Once your consultant joins your business team, he will constantly be searching for ways to help your business grow profitably. You will receive recommendations, ideas, and current research that will help you get additional value from your investment.

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