Social Styles Coaching Program for Sales


The Social Styles Coaching Program for Sales is designed to help salespeople understand how Social Styles can increase their interpersonal and sales effectiveness with prospects and customers. As a result of this sales coaching program, salespeople will:

  • Discover their own Social Style (Driver, Expressive, Analytical, or Amiable)
  • Understand their Style strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine how different styles make buying decisions
  • Learn how to best open a call, probe for needs, discuss benefits and close with different buying styles.


The Social Styles Coaching Program for Sales is a 30-day program designed to teach Social Styles to salespeople. This program provides one-on-one individualized coaching, accountability, and immediate application on the job.

Here is how it works – 

1. You complete a pre-work assignment to learn about Social Style. 

2. You discuss your pre-work with a certified executive coach.  Your coach is a Social Style expert and will answer your questions. Your coach discusses your Social Styles Sales Coaching Program 

assessment3. You complete a validated online 360° Social Styles assessment to determine your Social Style. You also have the option to select peers, colleagues, and/or subordinates to confidentially and anonymously provide additional confirmation of your Social Style. You schedule another meeting your sales coach after you complete the assessment.

4. Your coach will help you to interpret the results and understand your style strengths and weaknesses. (Download a Social Style360 sample report.) You leave the session with an action plan to incorporate Social Style concepts in your day to day selling.

5. The last coaching session reviews your action plan progress.  You also select a customer or prospect and discuss how to apply Social Styles to increase your effectiveness with this individual.



New Program Starts Soon

Don’t miss the opportunity to be involved in the next program and to work directly with Rob. (See his bio below.)  He is a highly experienced sales coach and has room for ten new clients for a group starting soon. You have his guarantee that the program will make you a more effective salesperson. After the first session, if you’re not convinced this program will work for you, we will happily refund your money. There’s no obligation after the program. If you decide you would like additional coaching time, we can create a program exclusively for you that meets your needs and budget.

The cost is $995 per participant and includes:

  • Pre-work to help you learn about Social Styles Coaching program.
  • An online multi-rater 360° Social Style assessment and report.
  • Up to three private coaching sessions with a certified executive coach

For more information – call Rob directly at 513-772-5115 or contact him.

Or you can order the Social Styles Coaching Program for Sales  by clicking the link below.


bob125Rob VeVerka is an accomplished and in-demand executive leadership coach. Previously Rob was Director of Executive Education at the University of Cincinnati, working with many executives to improve their leadership skills. Rob started his sales career at Xerox where he was rookie of the year in his first year of selling. He trained many salespeople and managers at Xerox and worked with many Fortune 500 companies setting up sales training programs. Rob provides coaching for leaders around the world. He follows a step-by-step tested coaching process for behavioral change.