Social Style Sales Training

For some salespeople Social Style Sales Training can dramatically increase their sales. Here are a few comments of salespeople that attended a social style seminar:  

“This  program was a real eye opener. I wish I had this program when I first started selling. It would have help me to eliminate all the mistakes I’ve made with  customers in the past ten years.”  Another said:


“I had no idea how I came across to different buyers. I never adapted to my customers. Social Styles helped me to really understand myself and to work with others with different styles.” Still another said:


“After selling  skills, this program is a must for any salesperson. I should dramatically increase my sales.”


selling to othersResearch clearly shows that salespeople with high versatility sell more. Using control and experimental groups, the Social Style trained groups outsold the control groups by an average of 26% during the three month period after training.

Versatility is the key variable, and our Social Style program is based upon the original research by Merrill and Reid that measured and included the concept of versatility.  Many copy-cat Social Style programs do not measure, or even talk about how versatility impacts the effectiveness of Social Style in Sales.


Social Style Sales Training is a perfect course to offer your sales team as a follow-up for a face-to-face selling program.  Whether you use Professional Selling Skills, Counselor Selling, Face-to-Face, or any other selling skills program, we’ll make sure that it is compatible with your selling system.  We will reinforce those skills your salespeople have already learned and you have invested in.

Social Style ModelFor example, you probably taught your salespeople how to open a meeting.  But have you taught them how to open a meeting with buyers who have different styles?  Or, how would you close a prospect who has the driver style?  Or, how do you present to an Analytical?

Social Style Training will teach your sales staff how to deal the four different buying and selling styles.  First, they will learn their own social style by completing either a self-assessment or a 360 social style online assessment before the course.  Then they will learn about the four different buying styles, Driver, Expressive, Analytical, and Amiable.  

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