Sales Training Seminars: Selling The Benefits

 sales seminarProfessional Learning Systems’ research about high-performing salespeople’s behaviors and skills was used to build this sales training seminar to develop key selling skills. Selling the Benefits is a sales training seminar, that teaches professional selling skills in a fun and challenging two-day sales training format.   You will learn how to:

  • use need-satisfaction selling
  • get more appointments by prospecting at high  levels
  • develop a pre-call plan to insure call success
  • open a call to build rapport and trust
  • use questioning to pin-point client’s needs
  • present your recommendation persuasively
  • handle skepticism, objection and indifference
  • close a sales call


Professional Learning Systems researched behaviors and skills of high-performing salespeople.  This was the foundation of Selling the Benefits to develop and build key selling skills.  Selling the Benefits teaches professional selling skills in a fun and challenging two-day sales training workshop. Our fast-paced interactive workshop includes role-plays, interactive exercises, videos, group discussion, and individualized practice sessions.


Download the course outline.


A Customized Private Course


Seminar SalesWe conduct Selling the Benefits course exclusively for your organization. All of our sales training seminars are customized as well as the role play situations around your products and markets. Your salespeople will be practicing selling your products to realistic customers. We will also video exercises, so that we can individually coach each participant.

We can also conduct Selling the Benefits in other formats including WebEx, a one-day version, and one-on-one. We’re also available for keynotes and half-day workshops.


“I felt that the class was excellent. I learned a lot …I feel a new confidence.”  TJ, Lancaster, PA “Great program – really helped  to uncover some bad sales habits and learn a better approach.”  PJ,  Los Angeles “The class exceed my expectations, was all new for me in some areas, and gave me valuable tools for selling.” TMB, Charlotte “Will help me to do the job better and be more successful. ”  JH, TA/Petro “Excellent – A great help to me.”  AS, TA/Petro


Meet Your Instructor


Sales TrainingWhen I first joined Xerox, I didn’t know a thing about selling. They put me though one of the most rigorous sales training programs available to help me learn how to sell. It was called Professional Selling Skills, or PSS. My instructor was a drill sargeant, who taught me foundation selling skills which helped me to become rookie-of-the-year my first year selling and later a million-dollar sales producer. Well, I’m not a drill-instructor.  Actually, I have a much softer and professional style. I am also an executive coach, and I focus on your skills and help you to become the best version of yourself. I promise that you’ll develop more presence and professional effectiveness. That my commitment and our guarantee. If you would like to talk about the sales training seminars, give me a call.   I answer my own phone.  I am in Cincinnati, Ohio and available for training world-wide.

Call Rob at 513-772-5115 or contact me for more information.