Sales Coaching Program

Man Walking up Ladder to CloudsTo be a highly effective salesperson, you must strive to become better than you were yesterday.  Selling effectivness  requires that you objectively look at yourself and correct key problem areas.  The Sales  Coaching Program can help you get higher levels of sales effectiveness and sales results.

It’s often difficult to look at yourself objectively. As a result, some salespeople never realize what specifically is holding them back. Perhaps you have a sales manager who helps you to increase your sales effectiveness.  However, most salespeople don’t have an internal coach to help them. As a result, some salespeople never realize what specifically is holding them back.  So if you don’t have a sales manager who has the time or interest in helping you, you might seek the help of a sales coach who can get you to new levels of success.

Having a sales coach helps you change. Your coach is concerned about your success and pushes you to try new things.  He also makes you accountable throughout the process and keeps you on track. That’s why a sales coach can really make a difference.  He’s concerned about your success!  

The Sales Coaching Program is designed to help salespeople improve their effectiveness in several key areas. The coaching process provides one-on-one individualized coaching, accountability, and immediate application on the job. The process works because you have a dedicated coach who is trying to help you reach your goals.

The coach uses an assessment tool called the Sales IQ Plus.  This assessment is based on the eight research-based competencies. The online sales assessment was developed jointly by best-selling authors Jeffrey Gitomer (The Sales Bible), Jim Cathcart (Relationship Selling) and Dr. Tony Alessandra (The Platinum Rule for DISC Sales Mastery). The report helps you and your coach to understand more about your skills and effectiveness in the eight key competencies.

Download a Sample Report


Here is how The Sales Coaching Program works –

1.  You have an initial call with your coach to discuss your situation, goals, and objectives. You will need about an hour to get to know each other and begin the coaching relationship.

2. You complete the Sales IQ Plus,  an online self-assessment to help you learn about what strategies you use to sell.

3. Your coach will help you to interpret the results and help you to discover your sales strengths and weaknesses.  You and your coach develop an action plan that focus on your top developmental needs. (Download a Sample Report).

4. You meet with your coach every two weeks to work on your action plan, discuss your progress,  and share your experiences.  You will have a chance to ask questions, role play, and strategize your selling situations.  At the end of each session, your coach will give you assignments and readings for the next coaching session. This coaching process is repeated as you work through your action plan during a  two month period.

5. You may re-take the Sales IQ Plus You and your coach discuss your results and compare the data to the original profile.  You will be able to see the results of your efforts with your developmental plan.  You get ROI data that shows how you have increased your Sales Effectiveness.


A New Program is Starting Soon

Don’t miss the opportunity to be involved in the program and to work directly with Rob, a highly experience executive sales coach. (See his bio below.)   You have his guarantee that the program will make you a more effective salesperson. After the first session, if you’re not convinced this coaching program will work for you, he will happily refund your money. There’s no obligation after The Sales Coaching Program is completed.  However, if you decide you would like additional coaching, we can create a program for you that meets your needs and budget.

The cost is $1495 and includes:

    • Online Sales IQ Plus assessment and report.
    • Up to five private coaching sessions with a experienced master sales coach.
    • Rob’s personal guarantee that you will increase your sales effectiveness.


For more information – call Rob directly at 513-772-5115 or contact him.


Executive CoachRob VeVerka is an accomplished and in-demand executive leadership and sales coach. Previously Rob was Director of Executive Education at the University of Cincinnati, working with many executives to improve their leadership skills. Rob started his sales career at Xerox where he was rookie of the year in his first year of selling. He trained many salespeople and managers at Xerox and worked with many Fortune 500 companies setting up sales training programs. Rob provides coaching for salespeople and leaders around the world. He follows a step-by-step tested coaching process for behavioral change.