Executive Selling

sellingtoexecutivesExecutive Selling is a one-day workshop that helps salespeople to initiate and build relationships with senior-level executives.  Executive Selling focuses on how to get appointments and conduct the initial sales call.  This executive selling workshop will help you to:

  • learn tested prospecting methods to help you schedule meetings with your key executives
  • use the gatekeeper to help you get appointments
  • use voicemails effectively
  • pre-call your sales meetings
  • open a call successfully based on the prospect’s style
  • learn why ineffective probing may get you nowhere
  • create value for the prospect
  • close the call professionally and effectively


Getting Appointments

Selling to ExecutivesScheduling meetings with  senior-level executives is more challenging today than it was ten years ago.  Modern technology can make executives invisible.  Yet successful salespeople often find ways to still get in to meet them. Executive Selling training teaches time-tested ways to get through. But most salespeople don’t call on executives.  They avoid them.  There are many reasons, but a few include:

  • they don’t know how to get an appointment
  • don’t have the confidence
  • previously failed

Executive Selling builds a strong business case for calling on VP’s, C-Level, and even the CEO.  Research clearly shows that getting to the top is a critical part of the selling and decision making process for the prospect. We will help salespeople recognize how they may be missing the boat!  If they are avoiding contacting senior executives, they are minimizing their potential for sales success.

Conducting the Call

Executive Selling helps salespeople to become the best they can possibly be in high-stakes meetings. If you have the opportunity to get an appointment with a busy top-level executive, you must be outstanding during the call. If you are not, you will likely not get invited back and the sales process halts abruptly. You must prepare for the call by researching the company, industry,  and your prospect.  You also must structure how you will conduct the call.  How are you going to begin the meeting?  What questions are you going to ask?  How are you going to add value?  What do you close on?  Winging it is not the best choice when meeting with busy executives.  You have one chance, and must optimize it.

Great Topic for Your Upcoming Sales Meeting

Selling to Executives is a perfect topic for sales meetings. You raising the bar by telling your sales team to call at higher levels.  You are also giving them the tools to make it happen. Ideally this program is best suited for small groups.  When group size is limited, it gives us an opportunity to practice and apply the concepts. We can also present this program as a half-day workshop for programs like a national sales meeting. With either approach, we customize the program to fit your products, market, and buyers. We have some availability for first quarter meetings but time is limited.  Call us now to book your meeting or discuss your needs.

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