Sales Training Programs

80% of our clients increase sales within 3 months

We get these results because of our unique learning process.  Your training is designed and customize to:

  • continue past the seminar
  • reinforce the initial training with follow-up sales training programs
  • involve the sales manager as a coach

This three-step approach increases the probability that the sales training programs will stick, change behaviors, and produce bottom line results for your organization.  We also customize all our sales training programs to make sure that the content is relevant to the learner and the organization.

Selling the Benefits SeminarOur flagship sales training program, Selling the Benefits is a researched-based program that teaches fundamental professional selling skills. It is designed for the rookie as well as the veteran sales professional.  It helps the salesperson to understand the key steps necessary to conduct a sales call. We customize every implementation of Selling the Benefits to insure that the sales training program is not only accepted by your sales team, but is used on a day-to-day basis.

Selling to ExecutivesAnother popular program that seems to be getting a lot of attention is Selling to Executives.  In order to increase the probability opening new accounts or penetrating existing accounts, salespeople need to get to higher levels in their prospect’s organization. Voice mail, screening, and other gate-keeper tactics have made it more difficult to salespeople to reach senior level executives.

Salespeople today need to sell to business issues and not sell products.  They need to help their buyers see the payback of solving their prospect’s business programs.  They need to add value and understand how to navigate within companies to increase their probability of success. Account Development Strategies is totally customized to your selling process.  A custom case study threaded throughout the program coupled with powerful program concepts, helps salespeople address real-world challenges in your marketplace.


Real-world Sales Training Programs Delivered by Polished Sales Professionals

It’s less expensive to use an unseasoned instructor to deliver sales training programs, but often the training suffers. Instructors stick to the script and often have a hard time relating to their audience. We use highly seasoned and experienced sales professionals for our sales training.  They can make the skills and techniques relevant because they have successful sold, and know what it takes to be successful.

We promise 100% client satisfaction.  Read about our guarantee. We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio and Naples, Florida.  We have offer public programs in Cleveland, Dayton, and Columbus, Ohio.  We work with our clients world-wide.

To discuss our sales training programs, call us at (513)772-51115 or contact us to tell us your needs.