Social Style Training

Social Style training can help you assess behaviors and use that knowledge to produce the results you want from others. You also discover your own style strengths and learn how to minimize your style weaknesses. Social Style training helps you to understand the four styles, Amiable, Analytical, Expressive, and Driver. While no style is better than others, almost everyone uses one of the four basic social styles more frequently than the other styles.

We offer several seminars and resources.  Our seminars using highly-trained instructors, certified by TRACOM to teach Social Styles.  Or, we can help you to provide social style training materials to train others in your own organization.

Producing Results with Others

Social Style ModelSocial Styles was originally developed by TRACOM, who then developed Producing Results with Others® (PRO). This is the original model developed by Dr. David Merrill and Roger Reid. There are many imitations of the model over the years, but the reliability and validity of TRACOM’s instrument is key to help people truly understand how they come across to other people – and what to do to change. Some imitations, do not stress the most important feature of the model – versatility. This factor is critical and this is where PRO  really stands out and separates itself from it’s imitators.

People are supposed to work well together. Companies are supposed to be teams. However, that doesn’t always happen. Often it’s not that people don’t want to work together effectively, it’s simply that they don’t know how they come across to others, and how their style affects the relationship. Social Styles helps people recognize how their actions and behaviors come across to others, and how to adapt it. Participant’s learn how to create more effective actions and communication to build better working relationships while improving overall organizational performance.

Studies unequivocally prove that people with low versatility are not as effective as managers, team members, or salespeople, compared to others with high versatility. Unfortunately, only 25% of the population is blessed with high versatility. Most people have no idea on how they are perceived by others. We all have our own preferred style, the one we are most comfortable with, that’s been molded by our environment and experiences. When we meet others unlike ourselves our natural tendency is to not adapt, but to operate in the style we prefer.

The good news is that people can easily adapt to other styles, and as a result, improve their versatility. Producing Results with Others helps people to understand their own style and other’s styles. Producing Results with Others helps anyone to truly understand how they can affect the performance and get cooperation from others, sometimes with just a minor change. The program is a real eye opener for most, and helps people make changes that can dramatically improve the way the way they relate to others.

Producing Results with Others® is available in a one or two day format and presented by our certified instructors. Download a course agenda.  Classes typically have nine to twelve participants.. The first day concentrates on learning the model and analyzing their own style, and the second day is spent helping salespeople apply the concepts to their selling situations. Participants learn using a variety of learning experiences including, video, case studies, discussion, role-play, and an application to their own situation. The session

Course objectives – participants will be able to:

  • understand their style and why they react to others in predictable ways
  • select and use behaviors which will help other people feel more comfortable
  • recognize the importance of being versatile when dealing with other managers, subordinates, or team members
  • develop a strategy for dealing with less than satisfactory relationships
  • anticipate behaviors, and learn how to avoid mistakes in dealing with them.

Producing Results with Others® is ideal for:

  • teams, to help them improve team performance
  • salespeople, to help sell the way buyers like to buy
  • mangers, to improve their leadership and management skills
  • professionals, to help them interact with others in the organization

Participants receive their own workbook as well as a 360 Social Style profile. Before the session, participants ask five of their colleagues to confidentially assess their perceptions of the participant. This information is submitted and a confidential report is provided to the participant at the workshop. The report pinpoints the participant’s Social Style and measures their Versatility.

Blended Learning Option

TRACOM introduced this blended learning option in answer to clients that wanted a self-paced component built into a Social Styles workshop.  PRO Blended consists of a self-paced, computer-based program followed by an 8 hour, instructor-led workshop.

Participants start with two pre-work assignments before attending the one-day follow up workshop. First, they select a reference group and complete the survey needed for the Social Style Profile. They also complete self-paced pre-work that introduces the key components of the Social Style Model and Versatility.  A narrator guides the participant through all of the teaching points, exercises and video vignettes.

With both pre-work assignments completed, the participant is now ready to attend the instructor-led workshop.  The session is designed as a Social Style review with interactive exercises intended to give participants practical applications for Social Styles concepts. Social Style profiles are distributed and debriefed with participants.

This option delivers the the same content with less time in the classroom. PRO Blended saves time and expense.

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Social Style Self-Perception

The Social Style Self Perception Package is an inexpensive, easy to understand tool that can be used for a short introduction to Social Style. The package includes the Social Style Profile, which is an effective tool for improving interpersonal skills and helps the participant discover their own Social Style. This 32-question, self-administered self-scoring survey takes less than 15 minutes to complete. The answers provide a snapshot of the way the participants view their own behavioral  style.

The benefits of the Self-Perception Package include:

  • Introduces behavioral principles that will enable employees to be more efficient and productive
  • Allows large numbers of employees to be trained cost-effectively at a low cost
  • No formal accreditation needed to administer
  • Validated materials from the developers of the original Social Style model that creates a high level of credibility with your participants
  • Includes a versatility measurement

Choose either Paper or Online 

Social Style Self-Perception is $45 for each participant. (Paper/pencil) The package includes the instrument and interpretation guide. Minimum order quantity is 10, and sold in sets of ten. ($450)*  Download a sample report.


ONLINE Social Style Self-Perception also comes with a 30 page report.  Includes set-up, group monitoring, and options for report delievery.  $55 per participant. No  minimum order quantity. Discounts available for multiple copies. Download sample report.


Self-Perception Administration Kit

Purchase is not required, but it can help you to easily run a 2-3 hour session built around the Self Perception Profile.  The Administration Kit provides relevant Social Style background, information about the Social Style Self-Perception Guide and recommended course content for both two-hour and four-hour training sessions. Call us for details and pricing.

Social Style Starter Package

Social Style Facilitator

The starter package gives you the materials and resources to create a 2-4 hour program that covers the basics of Social Style. Your starter package includes everything you need to run your session including twenty Self-Perception Questionnaires, the Leader’s Kit, and consultation.

We will help you get you ready for your session, answer all your questions, and insure that you are completely comfortable to run your program, we include a  one hour of phone consultation with a TRACOM certified Social Style instructor to help get you ready.

The $1495 package includes:

  • Twenty Social Style Self Perception Guides & Questionnaire or ONLINE assessment
  • Social Style Self Perception LEADER’S KIT
  • Course Teaching Aids including Administration Manual
  • Resource CD with Power Point Slides and exercise handouts
  • Participant certificate and evaluation form
  • Shipping within 48 US
  • Composite Group Report ($25 Value)
  • One hour of consultation to help you prepare for your session

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*Ordering information

Normal delivery is 1-2 weeks via Fedex Ground. Call  513-772-5115 or contact us if you need expedited overnight delivery. We will invoice your directly for the added shipping costs.

Sales tax is charged on orders delivered to California, Illinois, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio and Texas. When applicable, sales tax and special shipping and handling will be billed on a separate invoice before shipment.

International orders require a quote before ordering and we will invoice you for the order and shipping.  Otherwise there will be a delay your shipment. Training materials are not returnable.


Introduction to Social Style

Introduction to Social Style is a program that you can easily facilitate for your own group. This workshop –

  • introduces the Social Style Model including Versatility
  • requires no certification and is easy to administer
  • is ideal for non-executive/managerial staff with lower cost and time commitment
  • is a 3-5 hour experience.

The session teaches the Social Style Model.  The package includes both the Self-Perception and Versatility surveys. Participants discover their individual Social Style and Versatility Score.  This comprehensive program covers all concepts of Social Style, but has fewer opportunities for hand-on exercises that you would normally get in a one or two day program.

How to Order  

To conduct the workshop you need the Leaders Kit and Participant Materials for each participant. You must order participants materials with a leaders kit on the initial order. The Leaders Kit at $395, includes the Video, Resource CD with PowerPoint Slides and Social Style foundations video. Participant materials are $75 per participant and include the Social Style Self-Assessment Instrument using a paper or online questionnaire and a workbook for the session.

Starter Package – Introduction to Social Style

A special $1200 package that includes one Leaders Kit, 10 Participant’s materials, and free phone consultation (up to 1 hour) to get you ready to run the program. Normal delivery is 5-6 days via Fedex Ground. Training materials are not returnable. For international orders, please call before ordering to get shipping charges. California deliveries must include 7.75% sales tax. Illinois must include 6.5%  sales tax. For expedited delivery, special order requirements, or online surveys, please contact us or  call 513-772-5115 before ordering, and we will send you an electronic invoice after we discuss your needs. 



SocialStyleBookIf you would like to learn more about Social Styles, get a copy of Personal Styles & Effective Performance by David W. Merrill & Roger H. Reid,  the creators of the Social Style Model.  Click the link to get your copy at Amazon.

Public Workshops

Producing Results with Others – Cincinnati -December 6-7, 2017

Cost: $1095 per person. Includes multi-rater social style online assessment, comprehensive report, lunches, workbook, and certificate of accomplishment. Discounts available for multiple participants.

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