Leadership Challenge Workshop



The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)

leadership practices inventoryThe Leadership Practices Inventory is a key component of the Leadership Challenge Workshop.  This online 360 instrument assesses an individual’s leadership skills. Participants start by completing a self-assessment. Then they ask their supervisor, colleagues, peers, and subordinates to complete a similar online survey.  This is online assessment is part of the pre-work for the Leadership Challenge Workshop.  This assessment can also be done independently and does not require the participant to attend a workshop.  Many of our clients use an executive coach to debrief report, and create a development plan together.

The report is generated to provide the leader comprehensive data to help them understand their strengths and weakness.

Here are some samples of the LPI report:


NEW – Leadership Challenge Coaching


Leadership Challenge Coaching is designed for:

  • Companies that want to test the Leadership Challenge concepts and the Leadership Practices Inventory before committing to a group workshop. Your coach will work with you one-on-one.
  • You are a leader and want the Leadership Practices Inventory for yourself. You prefer private individual feedback, and the help of a coach to help to increase your effectiveness.
  • You want the benefits of the Leadership Practices Inventory for key members of your staff but don’t have enough leaders to make a group workshop cost-effective.

We are introducing a new coaching program –  Leadership Challenge Coaching that will help you get the benefits both the Leadership Practices Inventory and the Leadership Challenge Workshop.  This 30-day coaching program provides the same LPI assessment plus weekly coaching sessions with an executive coach.  The introductory price of $995 and will be offered for the next three months.

Also learn more about Leadership Challenge Coaching Program, a three month program that focuses on the Leadership Challenge concepts and is tailored for the individual leader.


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