High Performance Team Training

Your High Performance Team Training  program will help your team to achieve goals they thought were impossible.  This workshop and learning application is a unique experience for the participants.  It generates synergy for the team and its leader.  The program is structured as a key results project for the organization.  The project focuses on a stretch goal that is important to the organization. An external experienced team coach helps to develop team leadership skills throughout the process. The team leader and coach work together as they guide the team through the key results project.  The program lasts about twelve weeks with an initial  1-2 day kickoff seminar.

There are four components of the program –

  1. Workshop pre-work: The Coach and Team Leader interview every team member to orient each team member and to set the expectations of the program
  2. Workshop: The team selects their own key results project that  solves an important organization goal.
  3. Weekly coaching: Team members provide progress updates.  Feedback is provided by the team coach and leader to increase the effectiveness of the team’s efforts.
  4. Capstone meeting: The team takes time to review their accomplishments, learning and celebrate outcomes.


High Performance Team TrainingTeam Coaching

Team Coaching is the most significant and unique element of this program. Teams often leave a team-building session with a lot of excitement.  However,  they don’t understand how they can change behaviors their own team behaviors, or increase it’s ongoing effectiveness. They return to their jobs and typically their team behaviors and skills stay the same. High Performance Team Training will create a break-through experience for the team.  Their work on the key results project will provide an opportunity for the team to look not only at the problem, but their process as well.   The team coach provides the team leader with a new set of skills to help optimize the experience.  The coach will also work with the team or team members in increase individual and collective effectiveness.  The coaching not only provides momentum, but also a complete framework for each phase of the experience. The use of a coach also increases team accountability.

What Results Can I Expect?

One primary objective of High Performance Team Training is to establish skills and processes for the team. The end-result is  a transformational experience and several outcomes for the team and organization –

  • The team leader learns skills to move projects toward extraordinary results
  • The team learns a replicable process for continuing to continuously improve its effectiveness
  • The coach provides valuable feedback for the team and its leader to maximize relationships, communication, team effectiveness, and the outcome.

Who can benefit?

Executive, sales and world-wide teams that want  a new direction are strong candidates for High Performance Team Training.  It’s ideal for teams that must stretch to lofty goals,  learn how to achieve their goals, and get feedback along the way.  High Performance Team Training is also  the perfect experience for high potentials to develop their team leader skills and getting them deeply involved in a critical organization issue.

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