Emotional Intelligence Training

What is Emotional Intelligence Training or EQ?

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Emotional Intelligence Training can help you to recognize, understand and manage emotions in yourself, and in your interactions with others. Daniel Goleman popularized the concept in 1995 with his New York Times best seller – Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence Training is made up of four unique skills that cover how you recognize and understand emotions, how you  manage your behavior, and how you use emotions to manage relationships. Emotional Intelligence People with high EI have the ability to flourish where others flounder. A person with the same IQ as another can be vastly more successful because he or she knows how to manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions that achieve results.

Richard Boyatzis, a professor at Case Weatherhead, and Annie McKee teamed up with Dan in 2002 to write the best seller Primal Leadership. Since then Emotional Intelligence training has exploded world-wide. Richard continues to research Emotional Intelligence and proves bottom line results with many companies. For example, AT&T salespeople sold $250K more than those with lower EI scores. At L’Oreal, sales professionals with high EI scores sold $91,370 more than their lower scoring peers. Richard also proved that higher scoring consulting partners delivered $1.2 million more profit from their accounts than their peers.

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 A Totally Customized Private Course

If you have at least eight leaders or salespeople we will conduct Emotional Intelligence training exclusively for your group at your choice of dates and location. This includes the Hay  Emotional Intelligence ESCI Assessment (Emotional and Social Competency Instrument) or other popular EQ assessments.

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