Interpersonal Skills: An Easier Way to the Top

What is the secret to rapidly climbing the corporate ladder?  Interpersonal Skills are key.  A recent study published in the Organizational Management Journal identified the top eight behaviors and skills of high achievers.  Politics and diplomacy was at the bottom of the list.  It is surprising schmoozing really does not matter as much as other factors.  So what do you think is #1 skill of that takes leaders to the top?

Interpersonal Skills are the number one factor that can helps leaders climb quickly up the ladder.  Or they can keep you stuck at lower levels in the organization.

Professional Learning Systems offers several courses, assessments, and coaching to improve individual effectiveness.

Emotional Intelligence

Popularized by Daniel Goleman, EI or EQ helps leaders find out their Emotional Intelligence.   We offer seminars, coaching and individual assessments.

Social Styles

Based on the work of Merrill and Reid, Social Style can help managers learn how to deal with others more effectively. Their research shows four distinct social style behaviors, i.e. Driver, Expressive, Amiable, and Analytical.  Social Styles helps leaders learn how to increase their interpersonal effectiveness with others unlike themselves.

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